Do-It-Yourself  Installation

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"It's the template that makes a CurveMakers Arch so easy to install."
-Janie Johnson, Homeowner

1. Remove existing
casing in opening.

2. Nail blocks in corners of opening on which to attachnew sheetrock.
Fast and Easy installation is a feature that makes a Curvemakers Arch so attainable. You can do it, see for yourself.

3. Cut a piece of sheetrock to fit top of opening and install.

4. Slip columns on wall; rest template on top; draw arch shape.

5. Remove columns; cut out sheetrock; patch.

6. Apply sheetrock mud to seams and sand smooth.

7. Slip arch header onto wall.

8. Slip arch columns under header.

9. Level horizontally; nail all parts into place.

That's all
there is to it!

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