New Construction

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There is absolutely no need for any special framing.
Just hang a little extra sheetrock (15” below header) in your square opening
and the patented CurveMakers arch system will take care of the rest!

Understanding the framing specs of your favorite CurveMaker will be very helpful.
Choose your model :
- E-Z Arch Kits: New EZ Arch, 445 EZ Arch, 470 EZ Arch, RB3 EZ Arch
- Custom Builder Special Arch Kits: Model CBS 3, Model CBS 4, Model CBS 5
- Solid Wood Arch Kits: Model L, Model B, Model C, Model A, Model J, Model R
- Continuous Molding Arch Kits: Model CM

Slip columns on wall; rest template on top; draw arch shape.
“A product that’s better and easier
to install than advertised – worth every penny.”

- Eddie McCullen, Builder – Greenville, NC

After the opening has been framed to fit your arch,
installation will be quick and easy.

Remove columns; cut out sheetrock; patch.

Slip arch header onto wall.

Slip arch columns under header.

Level horizontally; nail all parts into place.
Standard product prices can be viewed on individual product pages.

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